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At Malloy-Esposito Funeral Home & Crematory, You Simply Choose Burial or Cremation


For many families, a traditional funeral seems the appropriate way to honor their loved one. Others, however, may find themselves pressured by the circumstances of the moment into these traditional arrangements, despite their high cost and complexity. The problem may be a lack of time in which to decide or the inability to resist convention during this time of great emotional stress. Our experience indicates that families accept unsuitable arrangements simply because they do not know what else to do, or where else to go-other than a traditional funeral home.





If you plan your burial, cremation and merchandise purchases in advance, you save someone else from making difficult decisions. Put your wishes in writing and give a copy to your next of kin.


Cremation is accepted by most religious groups. It can be one of the least expensive options, especially when combined with a memorial service. The Direct Burial avoids a viewing and the need for embalming, and the body is placed in the casket and brought directly to the cemetery. The Green Burial is an environmentally friendly alternative that uses a simple casket to allow the body to return to the earth. A graveside service could be held at the cemetery for any one of these options.


Be an educated consumer and make sure you are asking what the actual cost of the casket , urn or outer burial container is. Most funeral homes prices will vary dramatically. At Malloy-Esposito Funeral Home & Crematory, we pride ourselves on providing the best value, helping you spend more time with family and friends and not so much time shopping for the best prices.



  • "Alternative container" means a receptacle, other than a casket, in which body is put in and placed in the cremation chamber for cremation.
  • "Authorizing agent" means the person or persons identified in section 4717.21 or 4717.22 of the Revised Code who are entitled to order the cremation of a decedent or body parts and to order the final disposition of the cremated remains of a decedent or body parts.
  • "Burial or burial-transit permit" means a burial permit or burial-transit permit issued under section 3705.17 of the Revised Code or the laws of another state that are substantially similar to that section. A $3.00 charge will be added to all Ohio Deaths.
  • “Casket” means a rigid container that is designed for the encasement of a dead human body and that is constructed of wood, metal, or another rigid material, is ornamented and lined with fabric, and may or may not be combustible.
  • "Temporary container" means a receptacle for cremated remains composed of cardboard, plastic, metal, or another material that can be closed in a manner that prevents the leakage or spillage of the cremated remains and the entrance of foreign material, and that is of sufficient size to hold the cremated remains until they are placed in an urn or scattered.
  • "Urn" means a receptacle designed to encase cremated remains permanently.

Direct Cremation


  • Transportation of deceased
  • Basic services of Funeral Director and Staff
  • Cremation

Direct Burial


  • Transportation of deceased
  • Basic services of Funeral Director and Staff
  • Arrangements and transportation to the cemetery